Local & Experienced

The idea behind local lawyer was simple, we set out to provide local experienced firms of solicitors who are great at what they do the technology to compete with online conveyancing companies. 

We understand that cost is an important factor along with service so we reduce the overheads for the solicitors who pass that saving onto you but you get an experienced local firm of solicitors to act on your behalf. These local solicitors have branches you can visit and direct phone and email should you need to get in touch.  

The platform we offer shows where you are through a number of milestones,  you can see the correspondence between your solicitor and the other sides solicitor 24/7. You can ask questions, update information that is outstanding and most importantly stay in control of your home move from anywhere that has internet access. 

Getting homeowners moving 

Moving home is frustrating at the best of times for us we see that communication is key, even if there is nothing new to know the ability to see that the process is moving along at your pace is massively important. 


Speeding up the process

The longer a house is sold and not exchanged contracts the higher the chance that house will not get to exchange of contracts 33% of all property sales fall through we are hoping to reduce that by speeding up the process and making moving transparent. 

Tech that saves time and helps you

There are so many little changes that can save weeks in a sales process, we have added technology in to save 2 weeks on getting you "sold ready" we can incorperate electronic ID checking to save you having to send ID off in the post and many other time-saving uses of technology.


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